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Leak Detection Service

Sewer water Test:


A hydrostatic pressure test is performed on a home or building sanitary sewer system to determine if there are water leak's present in the plumbing system. An inflatable test ball is inserted into the building or home mainline sewer clean-out inorder to block or plug the main line.

Video Camera Pipe Inspection:

video camera equipment is use to perform sewer pipe or drain line camera inspection of a sanitary sewer system.

Sewer Leak Isolation Testing:

Static leak isolation testing is the detection process in which we use a COMBINATION of sewer video camera pipe inspection and hydrostatic pressure testing to isolate and test DIFFERENT section or areas of an under slab sanitary sewer system to pinpoint exact location of water leaks in the system.  

Water Leak Detection:

Electronic listening devices enhances our hearing to hear pressure water leak deep into your water lines.

Smoke Test:

smoke testing is used to detect storm water inflow sources such as roof downspouts, driveway and yard drains, foundation drains, and storm water drainage system cross connections. it can also detects structural detection and leaking joints in sewer pipes. smoke testing is one of the most EFFICIENT and cost effective methods of locating sources of within sewered areas. 

Slab Leak Detection:

water leaks are not always OBVIOUS . they can be hidden BEHIND walls or under floor . in some causes , it can take months for the homeowner to realize they have a problem. the most apparent SIGNS that you have a hidden water leak is if you notice wet spots on your ceiling or floor, or your next water bill suddenly increases. react-fast plumbing uses a variety of techniques to locate the leak and stop it at the source. we are your local plumber water detection leak team with the right tools and stop the leak at the source .